Saturday, October 31, 2009

New Blog Spot


It's been 2 whole months since Royal Design Flowers & Events last blogged. Been crazy busy and Sick..................

Well I'm moving the blog to my website. So from now on, check me out here ---------->


Necoh :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Blue and White

I've posted about this before, but I can't say enough about Stock. It is beautiful, economical and smells heavenly. For the hydrangea lovin' bride who can't afford $25 a stem, Stock makes a wonderful choice. They're about $4 a stem. Can't beat that!

Take a look.....(Plus a couple more from the wedding)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bouquet Choices

There aren't hundreds of bouquet styles, but there may be more out there than ya think.

Most are familiar with 3 types: Hand-tied(stems showing), cascade, and "round." I have lots of brides who want "round." There is a techie term, but I shall get to that later.

I thought I'd give a little insight into the options....One at a time.
First I'll list them, then I'll launch into #1. K? OK.

The typical types are:

  1. Cascade
  2. Beidermeier
  3. Hand-Tied
  4. Arm/Pageant
  5. Posy
  6. Nosegay/Tussie-Mussie
  7. Composite
  8. Free-form

There are other categories that are "out there," but these are generally the range of bouquets.
So on to the explainin'.

#1 The Cascade Bouquet.

These bouquets are described as a falling or tumbling effect of flowers. Or a waterfall. Get it? I think you do.

Cascade bouquets are generally very traditional. But with different flowers, they can be very modern. Imagine using tropical flowers, like Bird of Paradise and Heliconia to create a striking, non traditional bouquet.

Cascade bouquets are created by inserting stems and greenery into a bouquet holder. They are very nice because the holder has watered floral foam , and your bouquet can last for quite some time without having to be "put in water."

You can use pretty much any kind of flower for this particular bouquet type. That's the fun of it. Choose your colors, flower type, and your personal style, and with this classic bouquet, you'll always win.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Trends in Wedding Flowers

I've been writing this post in my head for awhile now. I've been trying to figure out what really are the trends, that I'VE been seeing. Not the trends predicted in magazines, nor the trends predicted by freelance writers, but what's popular in my neck of the woods.

Well here's what I've compiled....

  1. COLOR

Gone are the days of the traditional bridal bouquet in all pure, pristine white. Not saying you can't have that, or even love that, but most brides I have been working with want color. I recently had one who had me add white, to please her mother. The really sweet mother(really she is) just didn't think her daughter's tropical, colorful bouquet looked "bridal" without white. And in general, this is the norm. Brides want saturated hues, not only for the bridesmaids, but for their bouquets as well. I say, if nature gives us the beauty that is plum, ruby red, and tangerine orange, go for it!

2. Texture

Wedding florals are no longer just flowers. We find lovely things like succulents (fat, juicy plants and leaves) and produce out there. Gals are lovin the citrus fruits these days. Sliced, whole or submergered - oranges, limes and lemons bring an unexpected addition to centerpieces. And they smell really good too!

3. Sparkle, Glitter, Diamonds, etc., etc., etc. (make sure you say "etcetera" in the voice of The King of Siam)

The ladies love the shiny. Not much more to say......................

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Baltimore Aquarium

My husband decided we should take a little road trip to the Baltimore Aquarium. Yea fun! Of course we all wanted to go. Little did I know I'd see some of my favorite things ever, orchids. There were the prettiest purple orchids in the rainforest exhibit.

Lookie look.....

Purple Oncidium orchid. So gorgeous!

Purple Cattleya orchid

Here are some other pretties I saw:

Yellow Oncidium

Here's my favorite part of the aquarium:

The dolphins!!!!! Yea! They were so beautiful, I was brought to tears. One day I WILL swim with them.......

The kids had fun too!

Life is good...............................

Flower of the Week (More like of the Month)


I have a slight love affair with this gentle creature. It borders on the "rose" in appearance, but is much more dainty. This double flowered pretty comes in my favorite shades; blues, purples, pinks and greens.

Lisianthus is a beautiful addition to your wedding bouquet or centerpiece.

photo courtesy

Just remember that this "Prairie Gentian" or "Eustoma" must have flower food. It is very delicate, but can last for a week if properly kept.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Goodbye :(

We love you and will miss you Aunt Carol!

Her favorite color was lavender. I hope she would have been pleased.

Love you!